Apple Is Reportedly Building A Gaming Subscription Service

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When it comes to games, Apple is not playing (forgive the pun). Just last holiday season, iOS apps and games raked in over $1.22 billion. Now, Apple seems set to disrupt the new frontier that is games streaming. If you know Apple at all, you know that the future of games streaming is up for a revamp.

Mobile gaming is projected to attain a value of over $100 billion by the year 2021. That is according to Newzoo- a financial insight company. Considering this valuation is absent of console games, games streaming is the kind of venture a company out to leave a dent in the universe would pursue. The tech giant has been in talks with game developers since the last half of 2018. It is still, however, unclear what strategies the mobile giant will employ against the other tech giants already in play- Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

With over 720 million iPhones in the world today, Apple is a force to reckon with. The absence of console games under Apple’s belt may seem a downside but don’t be too quick to judge. More and more companies are bringing console games to mobile platforms. With a 720 million iOS mobile market, console games may join the world of Apple. There is, however, more than one way for the tech giant to disrupt the game streaming market. The company may partner with select games as a publisher. This means that it could handle all aspects of distribution, marketing, and other relevant costs of the games. If it should decide to move as a publisher, Apple will storm the industry sooner than we think.

Just recently, Apple expanded the iPod touch trademark to include gaming in the U.S.A. There are rumors that a seventh generation of the device is in the making. This is important because that would prove the cheapest channel for an Apple game streaming service.

Another way for Apple to dominate the service is by keeping things mobile. No other provider has specialized in mobile gaming. Should Apple decide on a mobile gaming subscription service, it will enjoy a near-monopolistic dominance of the space. This may help navigate around all hurdles that face new entries into a tech fight. I can see the competition barring console games loyal to them from joining the iOS platforms. A mobile gaming subscription service mitigates this risk because Apple has hundreds of iOS mobile games.

That said, the future may not accommodate a game streaming service that ignores console games. Apple may have to weather the storms and find a way to bring console games to the iOS platform. The entry of the 5G network will allow for full console game experience on a mobile device without the frustrating buffering.

To sum it all up, Apple never ceases to amaze. It is not hard to imagine the company taking over the game streaming space. The article is, however, a set of possibilities with no certainties nor sureties. The idea that Apple will venture into the market is still a rumor at the time of writing this article. Like every rumor (or most rumors at least) there MUST be some truth to it.

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